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Substitute Services

Renhill Substitute Teacher Services Saves Time For Your School Staff

Imagine filling a teacher absence without a hassle, without numerous phone calls, and with a qualified replacement – it’s all possible with the substitute teacher service offered through Renhill Group of Northwest Ohio.

Your teaching staff may call off at any time. Are you ready to immediately fill that position with a qualified substitute? The substitute teacher service that Renhill coordinates throughout Ohio school districts ensures that a well-trained, qualified substitute can fill that gap faster than it would take for the endless phone calls that normally happen when a teacher is absent.

Quality Substitute Teacher Service
Equals Quality Sub Placements

Renhill Group makes sure that our substitutes are ready to work in your school district, that they are screened, interviewed, assessed, and prepared to fill your vacancy. We take seriously the substitute teacher service that we offer, because you take seriously your job of educating the next generations.

You don’t always have time to find and analyze whether a substitute is qualified, but we take care of that problem for you. We make sure the substitutes working with our team will fit the qualifications you need. We screen, interview, and make sure that they are professionally trained and ready to fill in for your teaching staff.

Automation Makes the Substitute Teacher Service Seamless

Renhill is proud to be an official AESOP administrator, which means that replacement teachers can be found quickly with the substitute teacher service automated with our 24/7 Internet and phone-based scheduling system. Often, candidates can be found to fill your position within minutes!

The database keeps track of the qualifications of each substitute, logs in their calendar of availability, and automates the notification process whenever you need a replacement. There is no other substitute teacher service that takes care of a school district’s staffing needs as quickly and easily as Renhill Group, teamed up with AESOP.

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