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Why You Should Become A Teacher!

become a teacher

If you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further, Renhill can help you accomplish those goals of becoming a teacher, an aide, a substitute, and more within the world of education. 

When the definition of Education is searched, two definitions will pop up. The second stating that “Education is an enlightening experience”. This goes without saying that, although there are endless ways to define Education, this is by far the most accurate. 

Watching someone grow and learn is an experience that will fill your heart with pure joy. Even if you don’t have the credentials or certificates in the career of teaching, Renhill can help you accomplish that goal. 

We provide programs that will help you achieve the certificates necessary, although certain positions require a background and history of experience, others don’t, and you can still make a community impact either way. 

Here are some reasons why YOU should become a teacher, and other related educational careers in the field of helping others grow:

High School, Elementary, Kindergarten, and Junior High/Middle School teachers as well as Teacher Assistants are projected to grow by about 4% from now to 2029. 

The projected change of people from now until 2029:

  • High School = 40,200 people
  • Elementary & Kindergarten = 56,100 people
  • Middle School = 22,500 people
  • Teacher Aides or Assistants = 50,500 people

If you are looking for a career that won’t be disappearing in the near future, look no further!


2. Opportunity to impact children and your community

Teachers are often the ones that we refer to when discussing who has made an impact in our lives. Think back to your favorite childhood teacher or teaching assistant or even substitute teacher – remember their name, how they helped you learn and grow, and the memories of their great personality? 

Wouldn’t you want to be that for someone else in this world? In fact, you could be that for multiple people! You can be the reason someone decided to study science and work to become an astronaut or work for NASA. You could be the reason someone was able to change their way of thinking of how they treat others or the great impact of why someone began a nonprofit. 

You can be the difference in someone’s life!

Doesn’t that sound like a profound and impactful experience? 

Not only impacting others, but yourself as well. 

Get started today! Or give us a call at 800-776-8722

3. Family friendly work schedule

As a child, everyone always loves summer break. A time to relax and step away from the homework for a while. Well, as a teacher, that feeling doesn’t go away!

You can continue to advance in your career without having to worry about scheduling holidays off or requesting some summer days for a vacation with the family. Teachers have that added benefit of receiving holidays and summers off without the hassle and worry of whether or not you are the unlucky one who has to stay in the office. 

The added time will also allow you to spend quality time with your family and decrease the stress or worry of missing out on those important times with your kids or a loved one. 

Among all the other benefits, this is an all time favorite. 


Whether you are looking to become a substitute or a general teacher, Renhill is here to help you along your journey. With our staffing experts and professional programs, we can get you on the right path and started as soon as possible driving everything to your specific needs and wants. 

And if you are looking for an extra job where you can work on your own time, then substitute teaching is a must do. 

Make an impact, become a teacher. 

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern