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Victoria Marsh

"I believe strongly in positive reinforcement. And because Renhill has stood way out since I signed up with them for sub teaching as walking the walk. 

For example, Joanne called me night before last to let me know that my job (Penta) had been cancelled for today.  Although I was not happy, I knew that this was not her fault; and afterwards, I marveled at the fact that Renhill -- in the evening -- had even taken the time and bother to call.   A week before, I was not notified by a school when their power went out and the school closed, so I got ready, made lunch, and showed up because they did not think of notifying the sub(s).  And several weeks previous to this, I raced to an afternoon job to accommodate their need after my morning half-day job only to find that no one had notified me that that job had been cancelled!  I know that these are not willful acts of neglect or with any personal spite for me:   it is just easy to forget about transient employees like subs. 

Renhill even makes a pay statement more personal and even pleasant by starting out with this statement:

Thank you for your work with The Renhill Group and your commitment to our client schools! Please find below your pay stub information for the previous two weeks. 
 And they are the only school that I work for who makes it easier for me to check off the "paid" days on my calendar by listing the exact dates of employment. 

Of course, Renhill stands out just by being THERE, accessible in an office that we can walk into.  Renhill stands out nowadays just by having a phone and answering it.  IF I have to leave a message for Tammy Hill, she always has answered it -- and promptly!   And somehow I was steered to Dana when I was lost trying to deal with the State of Ohio not being accessible on phone or online.  I would never have persisted or known what to do -- I would never have been able to receive the unemployment that I was due (when virus first appeared) if it had not been for 

the always gracious Dana.  I had never received unemployment before; and in fact, I only knew that I could apply for it thanks to Renhill emailing subs about our right to apply for this!  I work for several school systems; but Renhill was the only one that notified me of this option.  Thus, once again, Renhill was looking out for its employees. 

I really have enjoyed the professionalism and decent kindness that Renhill employees have shown every time and appreciate the opportunity to express this" -- Victoria Marsh 
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