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10 Fun Facts About Early Education
Speaking of blocks... 
  1. Playing with blocks is a must in young children
    1. Blocks can develop motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. It also allows for creativity, enhancement in problem-solving skills and social skills, and more. Block play helps greatly in creativity and learning to share. 
  2. Music Aids in Communication Skills
    1. Children who engage in music at a young age will develop a greater ability to speak and communicate. Music also has a calming effect on children, as well as adults!
  3. Include children in planning
    1. Asking children to help plan and schedule events and other activities will aid in enhancing their analytic capabilities. This allows children to think out the process of planning and what actions are needed to make something happen. 
  4. Play-based learning is key
    1. Lessons that are active and revolves around a playful notion will increase a child’s attention span. Play-based learning allows a child to learn quicker and at a rate in which they find attractive. 
  5. Encourage children to communicate with themselves
    1. Children who talk to themselves aloud have increased probability of learning. This allows children to remember words as well as self-analyze. Communicating with yourself allows you to practice reasoning, logic, and work through difficult concepts. 
  6. Preschool education creates social skills
    1. It is not always necessary to enroll a child in preschool, but it can really help in developing their communication skills, social skills, grasping different types of learning techniques, and overall can make a child much happier as they are able to surround themselves with those similar in age and development. 
  7. Early childhood education is the most important time for development
    1. From birth to the age of 5, is the most important developmental period in a child’s life. There is 80% of brain development during this time!
  8. Early Literacy!
    1. Starting children out young by reading them books or practicing spelling simple and small words are important. Those who have no experience in literacy before they start school will almost always be behind in their learning. 
  9. Preschool to college
    1. Studies have shown that children who attend preschool are 24% more likely to attend college. Starting education at a young age can increase the likelihood of a child choosing to continue education on their own later in life. 
  10. The impact of teaching
    1. Studies prove that a great teacher can impact a year and a half’s worth of learning to a student in one year! It has also been found that 88% of people say a teacher had a significant and positive impact on their life.

Early childhood education is an important building block for the development of a child socially, communicatively, logically, and more! Become a teacher, become a substitute, become an aide, become a Renhill Group Employee and make a difference in a child’s life today!

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