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The Ohio Teacher Staffing Firm Sought By Local School Districts

The best companies are willing to grow and change; and the story of how The Renhill Group became an Ohio teacher staffing firm is a result of requested growth within our school communities.

Renhill is a Northwest Ohio, privately owned company with over 40 years experience helping businesses with their staffing solutions. While our business started with permanent recruiting and placement services for the business industry, we naturally evolved into temporary solutions in administrative and manufacturing entities. As a result of our commitment to provide high quality service, our local Educational Service Center requested our help in 1998. They were seeking assistance in the process of recruiting, qualifying, training and employing their educational aides.

Developing Substitute Teaching Programs as an Ohio Teacher Staffing Firm

About three years later, we were asked by our first K-12 district to customize a substitute teaching program. After one year of providing substitute teachers, we agreed to address substitute classified services.

Renhill provides substitute staffing fulfillment through a customized program that fits your school district budget. We use every resource available to place qualified substitutes in your schools, so you don’t have to spend administrative time searching for replacements.

It’s important for school districts to save time and money wherever they can, without compromising the educational quality. As an Ohio teacher staffing firm, we take care of your staffing needs so you can concentrate on teaching future generations.

A Purposeful Ohio Teacher Employment Agency
Meeting Diverse School Needs

Our Ohio teacher staffing firm services were highly sought after, and we have also added a customized paraprofessional program. Our largest areas of expertise sought by school districts includes customized substitute programs and employer services for special education.

The Renhill Group performs a variety of professional services for school systems throughout Ohio. We have streamlined the personnel processes across many types of school systems, including Educational Service Centers, PreK-12 districts, Charter and Alternative schools, and Preschool facilities.

We connect quality school employees with Ohio schools. Whatever your school staffing needs are, Renhill Group is committed to being your resource as the only Ohio teacher staffing firm that you will need.

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